From the moment I met Leah and Chris I knew they were my kind of people. They bought me tacos and beer at our first meeting for goodness sakes! It’s like they knew my kryptonite and used it for good. Besides that, they are also some of the sweetest, most down to earth, and awesome breed of humans I have had the pleasure of working with.

Getting to know Leah and Chris’ funky and musical personalities made for a fun and easy planning process.

Leah and Chris chose Twist Gallery in downtown Toronto as their wedding venue and although art galleries can be risky, as you have no control over what will be displayed on your wedding day, it perfectly complimented their vision. Their decor was understated and playful; eucalyptus runners down the middle of each long harvest table, candles everywhere (duh!), gorgeous and unique florals made by Leah’s friend Amanda, fun pops of yellow napkins at each setting, surrounded by funky art that hung on every wall.


I’m gonna get kind of girly here but Leah’s accessories were bomb! Her silky and simple dress were completed with badass earrings and bright, red nails. Just more small, special touches to set her apart.

Their photos were taken in the heart of downtown Toronto surrounded by graffiti and industrial charm. We also set up a portrait station at Twist Gallery for guests to enjoy. Their photographer for the day was Ryan Bolton and if you haven’t heard of him go check him out. Maybe finish this read first, but seriously, this dude is up to some crazy, rad stuff.

Before beginning their ceremony, Leah and Chris met up with their closest friends at a bar down the road; adding another non-traditional element to their wedding day celebrations.

For their menu they chose sandwiches and craft beer! That’s right, sandwiches! Meat sandwiches, veggie sandwiches, gourmet sandwiches, all of the delicious, beautiful sandwiches.

During Chris’ speech he revealed that he had fallen in love with Leah after the first time they had played music together. I believe the exact line was “I loved you after our first jam session”. Now if only Leah and Chris performed a live duet following that moment, to further signify their shared love of music...OH RIGHT, they did and it was awesome! Guests were literally crying tears of joy!

Nuit Blanche was taking place that weekend, so following their rock star performance and dancing into the abyss, Leah, Chris and their friends made their way to the Gladstone Hotel for karaoke.

After tearing down their decor I made my way to meet them and their party, as there was no way I was going to miss these beautiful people singing karaoke. Upon arrival at the Gladstone I proceeded to watch said beautiful bride Leah perform “Like a Virgin” in her wedding dress. To say the moment was incredible would be an understatement!

Looking back on Leah and Chris’ wedding I see an awesome time with equally awesome people. Every detail truly did encompass their wonderful, unique spirits and fun vision for the day and I am evermore grateful to have been a part of it!

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